Where to Place Bird Feeders

The first priority when choosing where to place a bird feeder should be security. We want to attract birds to our feeders but not put them in danger.

In Canada, roughly 22.4 million birds die every year from collisions with house windows. Window strikes are one of the leading causes of admissions to Le Nichoir every year. Take time to assess the dangers before placing a feeder.

Place feeders and birdbaths either less than 1 m (less than o.5m is best) or more than 10m away from windows.  Feeders installed on a window are a safe and ideal solution for viewing birds.

The close distance reduces severity of collisions and the larger distance reduces the likelihood of birds confusing the window reflections on their way to and from the feeders.

Adding Feather Friendly deterrent marker tape or window decals are additional measures you can take to reduce window collisions.

Once the issue of window safety is addressed, look for locations that provide perching places nearby. Perching places allow birds to take quick refuge from predators and gives them the opportunity to survey the area for predators before coming in to feed.

Perching Place

A few other points to keep in mind:

  • Keep the feeder 3 meters or so from jumping off points to reduce access by acrobatic squirrels.
  • A low traffic, quiet spot will attract more birds
  • Don’t forget you will need regular access to the feeder
  • Place hummingbird feeders out of the wind
  • Place the feeder so you can enjoy watching the birds!