Birds Choice

Birds Choice - Double-sided Hopper Feeder


Hanging double-sided feeder with roof and mesh bottom. Suitable for sunflower, safflower, peanut hearts and seed mixes. 1.4 L capacity. Lifetime warranty. Made in USA from 27 recycled plastic containers.


Feeder safety
To reduce the risk of injury, feeders should be placed at less than 2m (6ft) (under 1m (3ft) is even better) or at more than 10m (33ft) from a window.
It is important to remember that feeders have the potential to cause disease in birds by promoting transmission of infectious diseases or by harbouring harmful moulds. To help prevent diseases in birds please remember to:
- Clean feeders and change seeds every two weeks
- Do not use old, spoiled or wet seeds
- Empty and clean the feeders immediately if the content becomes wet
- Take down feeders immediately for a minimum of 2 weeks if you observe a sick bird in your yard
For more information about feeder maintenance and safety visit the Resources section