BirdBeSafe Cat collar and cover set

* Please note that this item cannot be sold online. Please visit our store or contact us by phone if you are interested by this product. Brightly colored collar cover with reflective band. Each package includes the collar cover and a collar with a safety breakaway feature in case your cat becomes stuck. While keeping cat indoors or contained while outside is the safest for birds and cats, the BirdBeSafe (R) cat collar is the most efficient way to reduce the risk of predation by free roaming cats. The bright colors of the collar quickly warn the birds of the cat`s presence as birds can see colors very well. They are more efficient than the bells as many cats can learn to hunt without making the bell ring. A study found that the BirdBeSafe (R) collar can reduce predation by as much as 87%. However, please note the collar is not efficient at protecting flightless young birds or mammals. For more information about the effects of cats on birds, please visit our Resources section.