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Acorn-shaped Nut and Suet

$8 $13.95

Acorn-shaped hanging suet allows you to offer suet without a suet feeder. Flexible hook can be hung in a tree, branch or off your balcony. The top part is made of peanut while the bottom is made of suet containing chopped peanuts. The centre of the acorn contains a pine cone. 5'' x 4'' (10cm x 12cm)

About suet

Suet is a great food to offer in the winter at it offers calories and proteins when natural food is scarce. However, it is important to offer suet only when the temperatures are cold. Suet and suet feeders should not be offered when the temperatures are consistently above 5C. Suet can spoil quickly in warmer temperatures and the fat will melt. Melted suet can easily get deposited on birds feathers and put them at risk of hypothermia as it disrupts the natural oily protection of the plumage. In the spring, the grease can also be transferred from a bird’s belly to its eggs while incubating which can possibly kill the developing baby by blocking the pores in the shell through which it breathes.
Like all food, it is important not to offer old or spoiled suet to birds.