Squirrel Buster Feeder Plus

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The ultimate Squirrel Buster feeder. It holds nearly 3 litres of sunflower seed or mixed seed. The bottom wider perch is well suited to Northern cardinals. You can expect Black-capped Chickadees, Northern Cardinals, White-breasted Nuthatches, grosbeaks and finches to use this feeder among others.

The patented weight sensitive mechanism is adjustable on this feeder.  By adjusting the mechanism larger birds such as grackles can also be precluded from using this feeder.

Our staff and volunteers have been using these feeders for years.

Brome Bird Care is committed to reducing the negative impact of human activity on our planet. They build their feeders to last a very long time and ensure they don’t need to be discarded because a single part needs to be replaced. They provide free replacement parts as necessary.  For details about the warranty