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Need a great gift idea? Want to help a bird? Join Le Nichoir’s Rehabilitation Sponsorship Program.

By sponsoring a songbird brought to Le Nichoir you are contributing to the care and release of a healthy, breeding bird back into its natural habitat. Rehabilitation involves many different levels of care, from providing medical attention to the birds, to proper diet, and flight cages. Each species of bird has different requirements and needs. By supporting a wild bird you are helping Le Nichoir provide the best care possible to that individual animal.

Your sponsorship will provide for medical treatment, species-appropriate food, and enrichment items.

Your rehabilitation sponsorship includes:

  • A personalized certificate of sponsorship that can be given as a gift
  • An invitation to a special tour at Le Nichoir with our staff – In the case of a gift, both the purchaser and the recipient are invited to attend
  • A Le Nichoir fridge magnet
  • ‘News from Le Nichoir’ Newsletter

Tax receipt for $45 will be sent separately to purchaser.

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Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay, Black-capped Chickadee, Cedar Waxwing, Woodpecker

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