Aspects Quick-Clean Big Tube Feeder

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This is a Cadillac feeder. Again, a feeder recommended by one of our Board members who has used it for several years. Tired of buying feeders that fell apart after a season or two she indulged in this top of the line feeder and has no regrets. It has two great features; one being the ease of cleaning, the second being the shape of the perch which attracts more of the platform feeders such as Cardinals. There are 6 feeding ports.

Though it is a large capacity feeder, the seed reservoir is well protected from the elements reducing the risk of mouldy seed. The base quickly snaps off to allow thorough and effortless cleaning of the base and the tube. Made in the USA

Visit our information page about maintaining feeders.

Aspects Inc. offers a lifetime guarantee against failure due to defects in material or workmanship. For details about the warranty

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