1 kg Certified Bird Friendly Décaf Coffee

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Please note that Le Nichoir only takes pick up orders for this product. To have this product delivered, please place your order directly on the Bird Friendly® website at: cafebirdfriendly.org where you can also learn more about our certified Bird Friendly® coffee.

1 kg bag – Whole beans or ground

Bags of Café Le Nichoir coffee contain 100% coffee certified Bird Friendly®, organic and Fair Trade – no mixing – just 100% certified coffee.

Café Le Nichoir is now available as a decaffeinated single origin coffee sourced from the La Florida Cooperative in the Chanchamayo valley of Peru. This strictly high altitude, shade grown coffee is then decaffeinated using the High Mountain Water Process – a totally organic, chemical-free method that removes up to 99.99% of caffeine, without sacrificing the full bodied, balanced flavour characteristics of the coffee. The beans are meticulously roasted by our partner Totem Roasters.

No other eco-friendly coffee seal comes close to the Bird Friendly® gold standard when it comes to protecting biodiversity on coffee farms.

Café Le Nichoir is the result of collaboration between Le Nichoir Wild Bird Conservation Centre and Totem Roasters.  We launched Café Le Nichoir to encourage people to drink Bird Friendly® certified coffee.

It’s a simple gesture all coffee drinkers can make to protect the winter habitat of birds that travel from our backyards each winter to the faraway farms that produce our coffee.

Le Nichoir receives coffee orders once a week on Wednesday. Orders received before 7 a.m. on  Monday will be available on Wednesday’s as of 12pm. Orders received after the order deadline will be available the following week.

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