Do not feed bread to birds

BreadSome important facts about why it is important not to feed bread to birds

Bread is not nutritious and is filling. It stops birds from eating their natural diet such as insects and vegetation, which keeps them healthy and allows them to grow

This is especially important for ducklings and goslings that grow quickly and require good food including protein in their diet. Eating improper food can rapidly cause incorrect bone development as well as malformations like the one show below.

Angel Wing Malformation

When bread is wet it becomes sticky and can get lodged in the bird’s digestive system causing impaction and fermentation resulting in death. This happens even when the bread is small, dry or stale!

ANGEL WING is a malformation caused by improper nutrition such as from eating bread or bird seeds during growth.
This condition is irreversible and the bird will never be able to fly. At this stage, it is NOT treatable.

Human habituated birds face many dangers and do not survive well in the wild. We do not recommend that you feed aquatic birds. However, if you decide to, please consider giving the following:

  • Duck or Turkey feed for farm animals
  • Dried, cracked or frozen corn (winter only) •
  • Diced cooked sweet potatoes •
  • Chopped leafy vegetables • (such as lettuce, kale and spinach ) (summer only)